Al Zaki Grills- the best shawarma & Grill place

It’s truly said that, You need to try to believe … it goes well with a simple restaurant in Al Nahda Sharjah, @alzakirestaurant … a three in one restaurants … so it had got falafil, shawarma, Grills , Arabic salads , hummus & what not … it’s one of my favorite restaurants when it comes to Arabic food. Recently I got their delicious food delivery at my home again.

They delivered the food with complete safety & precautions.

So, coming back to food, they sent

We tried their Shawarma platter for a family of 5. It’s quite a huge portion which comes with the chicken shawarma, their signature Italian Shawarma, some mini Shawarma along with their dips, salad, pickles & hummus. A complete meal for our family.

They also send my favorite Italian Shawarma separately, as they very well know how much I love it. 😍

Along with this there was falafel & a combo of their Arabic dips & breads. Falafel is something that I can eat anytime 😍

That’s not all, we also got their delicious Grill chicken with Biryani rice which comes with some raita, tomato chutney & salad. The chicken was grilled to perfection.

To end the meal in a sweet note, they also send the Kunafa for us. Love it.

Al Zaki grills never stops impressing us with the quality of food they serve. Definitely a highly recommendable place.


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