Sindanci Mehmet signature restaurant in Dubai

Celebrity Turkish Chef ‘Sirdanci Mehmet’ starts his signature restaurant in Dubai

By- Farah Khan @foodbatuta

Dubai-UAE: 05 March 2022 – Dubai witnessed the opening of the restaurant of the famous Turkish celebrity Chef ‘Mehmet Cubuk’ known as ‘Sirdanci Mehmet’. The Masher Chef launched his signature restaurant in partnership with Mr. Musa Umar Chaudhry.Sirdanci Mehmet, the winner of ‘Master Chef Turkiye’ title and one of the jewels amongst the crown of Turkish cuisine, a man renowned for his culinary talents and gleeful demeanor, has brought upon his tenth branch of his renowned restaurants right in the heart of Dubai at Jumairah.

Sirdanci Mehmet restaurant, the newest house of flavours hotspot in Dubai presented us with more than just delicious bites, it showed us the true meaning of Turkish hospitality at its very best. Bringing in celebrities who want a taste of the delicacies enthralled the night with many hearty conversations and laughs.

The guest list definitely was star studded, hosting the talents of: “Heval Özden, Barış Dede (barishresmii), Aydas, Heval, Özden, Apomen, Zana Arslan, Çılgın Dondurmacı, Ammar Basha (Lebanon singer) and Sude Kuleç just to name a few of the amazing faces we saw.

The true star of the evening was the food itself. From the flavourful meats, to the tangy sauces and even the aromatic spices blended into the perfect orchestra of decadent and delightful eating. Combining the familiar Turkish flavours with Chef Mehmet’s own additions truly added to the experience of the night.

No surprise here that the food was spectacular, ‘Sirdanci Mehmet’ himself is a Masterchef Turkey winner, if that doesn’t speak to his talents and skill then come see for yourself. His story of progress and growth can spark not only the hunger but the wonder of so many who come into his establishment.

“I became what I am today with enormous hard work. When I first entered into the food & beverage world as a newbie, I started off with sweeping the floors. But I persevered. In the process I became a footboy and then a waiter. And then when I entered into kitchen my feelings translated as: Yes Mehmet, this is your job!”, said, Chef Mehmet, the Sirdan maker.

“Starting from an apprentice, now I am a chef. Thank God, I own my own business, which is at Kadınlar Pazarı in Fatih district of Istanbul. Providing employment opportunities to people makes me so happy”, added Chef Mehmet who was born in Diyarbakır, Turkey

Elaborating on what is available at his restaurant, Chef Mehmet said, “We look forward to serve you our fine dishes; soups, Sirdan. Mumbar (Stuffed sheep sausages), Kibe (stuffed tripe), etc. The recipes are original and belong to me, i.e., Mehmet the Sirdan maker. Also there are desserts with unique tastes”.

“Sirdan is an art for us and we make it the best. For healthier life one must eat Sirdan as it is a key to a healthy lifestyle. And, in my opinion, eating Sirdan can even eliminate the need for Botox”, said, Chef Mehmet. He plans to popularise Sirdan in Turkey and all over the world through his motto ‘Sirdan throughout the world’.

Chef Mehmet concluded by saying, “Our products, which are our original recipes, are prepared in our headquarters according to hygiene standards that is crucial for human health. We serve them in Dubai at exact quality and taste as in Turkey”.

“Despite it’s high standards in taste & quality, our food is quite affordable. So, we are expecting the restaurant to be very popular and successful. So, we plan to open more branches of the restaurant all over UAE including Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, said, Musa Omar Chaudhry, a serial entrepreneur.

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